Green Policy



At Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona we are concerned about the environment and preserving the Mediterranean Sea. From the use of solar energy to cutting back on single-use plastics, we’re committed to protect the planet and work with our community. We give a preference to locally produced, bio, natural and recycled products. We use cleaning products without bleach and plant native plants suited to our climate needing less watering. The town of Sitges has obtained the Biosphere seal of approval to protect the local coast line.


Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona is concerned about environmental problems.  Explore below which concrete measures the hotel has taken in order to reduce its ecological impact.

‘Overlooking the Mediterranean and adjacent to the nature reserve of the Garraf, Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona offers many benefits for its customers and employees. We are privileged to observe the beauty of nature that surrounds us. It is thus quite natural that the question about its protection arose and that the hotel wishes to act upon’ explains Conor Cushnahan, Managing Director.

Concretely, which investments have been made in order to reduce our consumption of energy for short and medium term?

  • The 4 outdoor swimming pools are heated by solar panels, installed on the roof.
  • All bedrooms and meeting rooms have individually controlled air-conditioning and heating, thus only used when needed and to the guests demands rather than centrally controlled.
  • Each of our 263 rooms are equipped with a double glassed frame and card readers 
  • We have replaced all light bulbs for LED lights. 
  • We have replaced 263 shower heads in order to reduce the water from 16.5l/minute to 5.8l/minute, in other words a saving of 9.7l/minute per shower heads.

What is our purchase policy?

We give a preference to locally produced products, bio, natural or recycled-products.  Concretely, this is how the green initiative works in the hotel:

  • In General:
    - We use cleaning products without bleach
    - We are conscientious to the eco-label certificates of our suppliers.
  • For food and beverage, we source most our produce locally (within a radius of 100km), taking advantage of our proximity to Vilanova fishing port and being located in the wine growing of the Penedés. We try to use a lesser amount of individually packaged products (due to Covid regulations, to some we had to return temporarily). All plastic bottles and single use items have been removed from restaurants, Deli bar and the conference center. They remain only as courtesy water in the guest rooms.  We have an in-house water filter system for the restaurant La Punta and bar Malvasia, replacing both still and sparkling water options.
  • Our Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona Vital Spa follows these product guidelines:
  1. Selection of organic or natural ingredients
  2. Without artificial colouring
  3. Tested under dermatological control
  • In the rooms:  In order to reduce the individual packing, shower gel and shampoos are presented in a dispenser (currently not possible due to Covid restrictions). Room service menu and other information is shown on the TV screen reducing the need to print. Air-conditioning and heating is individually controlled in each room.
  • In the conference center: Water is served in glass bottles. The lights and the audio-visual equipment are turned on just before the clients arrive.
  • In the offices, Dolce associates are made aware of sustainable consumption, they only print when necessary.  Printers use recycled ink cartridge. We no longer print brochures, everything is available digitally on-line and on our App.
  • In the restaurants and bars, we no longer use plastic straws but paper or bamboo straws. Menus are available with QPR code on our App to reduce  printing. 
  • At check-in: guests are referred to our App for opening times of outlets, menus and other guest communications to reduce printing and paper to help the environment. 

What do we do to recycle our waste as well as possible?

  • We recycle plastic, paper and glass via the town hall collection system.  
  • To reduce energetic consumption of water, electricity and gas we work with a monitoring system by Sauter where all areas of the hotel can be individually monitored, and according to consumption and occupancy energetic output can be reduced, hours of lighting adjusted amongst others.
  • In the kitchen, the vegetable fat is collected and recycled
  • Waste sorting is presented in the areas for employees.
  • All plastic bottles and single use items have been removed from restaurants, Deli bar and the conference center. They remain only as courtesy water in the guest rooms. 

How do we contribute in our Community?

  • Part of Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona commitment is to the community we live and work in. Our Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona associates committee, WeCom, selects various initiatives throughout the year, suggested by our staff, to support local initiatives:
  • The staff collect and sell books to support an after-school club to help underprivileged kids with reading and home work
  • The staff collect toys and children´s gifts at Christmas to support a local charity.
  • Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona supports the annual charity walk for a children´s hospital cancer ward and supplies the water – many of our staff and their families also take part in the walk
  • When we do Christmas hampers for the staff, we also deliver them to a local Old People´s home
  • We actively encourage our staff to take part in Wyndhams Recycling Day and come up with new ideas.

When we replace any furniture, mattresses or computers, we donate the no longer used material to 3 local charities in the past years to put them to further use.

Which certifications are we awarded with?

  • In the hotel, Wyndham Green Sustainability level 2.

What does Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona offer to its clients to contribute as well to preserving the environment?

  • We change guests’ sheets every 3 days as part of an ongoing green plan (earlier only on request).
  • We refer guests to a website for carbon emission offsetting to have the option when requested.
  • We give our client’s proposals of different activities (walking tours, bike rides, or electrical bicycle). We are convinced that through this positive experience, awareness is created. By inviting our customers to enjoy the green scenery, we allow them to take some fresh air, become aware of the here and now, and the benefits which Mother nature offers, which forces to respect and safeguard the nature around us.

We are conscious about the fact that there is still a lot to do in order to reduce our impacts on the environment even further.  We continue to work and improve work to reduce the carbon print of the hotel.