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Suggestions of Dolce Vital Spa

WINTER 2016 - 2017 MINI-MENU

Winter is here, with all that it implies for our body and spirit. To be able to face the harshness of winter with the utmost positive energy, here at Dolce Vital Spa we recommend investing in your well-being, come be properly prepared and enjoying  your free time.
To accomplish this, we present you with three distinct experiences in which to indulge yourself: Citrus Experience by Natura Bissé, providing vitamins to the skin while you relax at the same time; Exotic Experience by Elemis, which takes advantage of the nutritional and restorative properties of the Frangipani flower and the Japanese camellia; and Dolce Vital Spa Experience, the perfect fusion of a relaxing massage with warm oil to achieve full body relaxation. And as we also like to consider the care for the face, every experience can be enhanced with a facial that combines perfectly with each body treatment

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